3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Set Up Your Store

We program and ship your beacons!

Beacon Technology

Beacons are small devices that communicate with smartphones using Bluetooth Low Energy. As the ViP customer passes near beacons, our technology recognizes them and sends their information to your staff on a tablet.

Determine Your ViP Program

Decide what to offer your ViP Customers!

Decide What Program To Put In Place

The program will help you serve your customers better based on previous interactions. Decide what you want to offer them: curb side delivery, rebates, special promotions, or special privileges. Be creative!

Promote Your New Service!

Ask to download the ViP Customer App!

ViP Customer App

The ViP Customer App is available on both the Apple Store and Play Store for Android devices. Encourage your staff to speak to customers about your new service!

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